Core zone jeep safari
The tourism areas of the Core zone of the National Park have been divided into three zones : Tala, Magdi and Khitauli.
This is the oldest tourism zone in Bandhavgarh and its reputation has made the Park famous.It has the iconic landscape of Bandhavgarh.
The entry of the Magdi zone gate is situated in one of the most scenic spots on the Parks boundary. A lake, surrounded by dense forest on one side and meadows bounded by woods, make this zone a haven for all wildlife.
A dense bamboo and Sal forest, with an abundance of tigers. Other animals found in this zone include the Nilgai, rare Chinkara or Indian gazelle, Sloth Bear, Wild Dog, Leopard and Indian Wolf.
Buffer zone safaris
Since March 2015, the forest department has allowed tourism activities in some designated areas of the buffer zone forest. These areas of exceptional natural beauty, with waterfalls, rivers and lush landscapes are a pleasure to spend time in.
Full day safaris
The forest department allows full day- all zones passes into the forest for professional photographers. These allow access from sunrise to sunset, without a need to leave the Park even in the afternoon break.

Travel Tips

” Must See” TRAVEL TIP : Bandhavgarh Fort
The jeep drive is sublime. Apart from truly spectacular views of the jungle on route, one may also see the reclining statue of Vishnu and other stone figures inspired from Hindu mythology at the place known as Sheshaiya.These statues date from the 10th century AD. Tourists are allowed to walk around here but a word of caution: it is not unknown for tigers to frequent this area.You have been warned! Vehicles are not permitted to go to the top and the final ascent must be done on foot.This is the ideal time to have a picnic lunch. A trip to the Fort requires a full morning and tickets are obtained at the park gate.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO buy a good insect repellent from your local pharmacist. `Jungle Formula’ or similar is sufficient.
  • DO bring a good pair of walking shoes.
  • DO bring a warm jacket, sweater and woolly cap for the early morning jeep safari. You’ll need them!
  • DO drink only bottled mineral water and hot boiled beverages.
  • DO eat fresh fruit (the kind that must be peeled-e.g. oranges, bananas, custard apple).
  • DO bring a torch with a spare set of batteries.
  • DO ensure that you have had the necessary course of vaccinations for typhoid, cholera and that they are valid for the duration of your stay. Start taking your anti-malaria tablets before you embark on your expedition.
  • DO bring antidiarrhoea tablets as a precaution for onward travel.`Perinorm’ is an excellent Indian brand and should suit most people.
  • DON’T eat any food from road side vendors or from other local restaurants/hotels unless it is absolutely necessary.If you must, try and ensure that it is prepared in front of you with fresh ingredients and cooked until it is piping hot. Avoid eating cold meat, particularly chicken.
  • DON’T go walking off the path into dense undergrowth, particularly during early evening to early morning and after recent rain. Bandhavgarh has at least three of India’s “Big Four” venomous snakes and they are more active at this time.There is also the possibility of being stung by a scorpion. Wear closed shoes at all times.
  • DON’T go walking around the grounds at Junglemantra at night.Remember, it’s a jungle out there..In addition to the above we are often visited by tiger, leopard, bear and wolf. Stay in your room, enjoy the sounds of the Indian jungle at night and in comfort. Help us to maintain the sanctity of our jungle environment. For those of you wishing to go “pugdundee”, escorted jungle walks can be arranged.
  • DON’T wear bright garish colours on game drives.Opt for muted tones e.g. khaki/beige/brown/greens.